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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Bloggy Award

My blog just got a review at the bloggy award and I got a decent rating. All I need to do is make fun of a few random people's faces and I'm on my way to internet superstardom.  ... To the reviewer, thank you thank you thank you even if I'm not exactly your cup of tea :)
Most of the points that can be addressed will be addressed. I've been too lazy to fix the broken links and the problems in my layout but I'll do that soon. I do blabber about  nonsensically and rather lengthily sometimes. It can't be helped though. It is a sickness for which a cure is yet to be found
infidel boy review

"If you want controversy then visit the Infidel’s blog. There’s nothing like a debate-loving atheist to write posts that attract flamers. Although the author does love to post his insights on the subject of God or the absence of God there are other posts to be found of a different topic. What you’ll notice though is that almost all his posts reflect strong opinions. Yes this is one opinionated blog so that it draws people to comment even in his “lighter posts”.Visual Aesthetics - 7
Too black and gray. The color scheme wouldn’t have been so bad if the font-size weren’t so small. The color scheme, font-size, and inconsistent font styles isn’t really pleasing to the eye nor user-friendly. Of course I adjusted the font-size but it still didn’t make the blog look good. The header also needs improvement though it does reflect the author’s interests (atheism and digicams).
User Friendliness - 7
Again the fonts really need some working on. The categories are few but pretty much sums up what you can find in the blog. It is also reflective of what’s important to the author. The Archives link doesn’t work and simply brings you back to the main page. At least it has a link to the Homepage when you go to static pages but the downside is that the link sometimes leads to a 404 page.
Reading Enjoyment - 7

Too much heavy stuff. If you want to discuss ideas though and like to feel intellectual this would be a blog to visit since a lot the visitors along with the author claim to be real intellectuals. The posts also run very long so that although I personally don’t mind reading posts with substance the posts sometimes do tend to drag. This blog needs a little variation in post length.
Useful Info - 8
The author like to discuss things and go on and on about issues and ideas. If you visit this blog you’ll likely read information regarding atheism, current events, and a semblance of economics and entrepreneurship.
Overall Experience - 7

This blog does have substance but is too opinionated and to heavy for my taste. The posts are just plain too lengthy and a lot of them drag. Sometimes you don’t have to be too wordy to present our ideas. A few words read by more people can be more effective than a plethora of words that just select few will read."

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  1. The very first part of the article was making a lot sense. I would like to agree but as I go through. I was put off! He is a racist himself. Most of the things you said are true but I would like to consider all sides. First, HATE is a very strong word to use.  Second, you can’t plant apple trees and expect oranges!  I know where he is coming from but unfortunately this is the sad truth about Filipino culture, I understand it is frustrating and unacceptable, I am not happy about it too but hopefully it will change overtime. I believe there is an underlying reason above the reasons he stated i.e voting for Lito Lapid, Estrada and influence of celebrities etc. It is very sad, but I don’t hate these people instead I feel sorry for them because they lack education and our corrupted government has big contribution with these things. And lastly, most of the things you said are facts. But not my eat bulaga ;)


    I was born in a diversified country but raised in 2 countries. I get to meet to different people with different cultures and backgrounds and as years goes by, you get to appreciate the wonderful things the Philippines has and cant help but to be proud of it and yes now and again I get pissed with the bad side of it. 


    There is big difference of looking to the mirror and looking THROUGH the mirror. Same concept of the glass being half full half empty.

    Thank you.