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Sunday, June 28, 2015

What is my Opinion on Gay Marriage

What is my opinion on same-sex marriage? The US just legalized gay marriage nationwide so people have been expressing their strong opinions on the matter, especially the religious variety. It’s unnatural, they say; It offends them, they say. Some try to rationalize their distaste for same sex marriage by arguing that same-sex couples are unfit to raise kids, by arguing that kids need both a father and a mother -nevermind that the issue of adoption is separate from the issue of marriage itself, that there are plenty of parents not fit to raise a family but are legally given the right to do so … nevermind the fact that single parents are actually allowed by law to adopt children. –let that last phrase sink in for a moment. Also, I’m not sure what passes for “natural” in this hitech age of ours but I imagine that the people complaining that gay marriage isn’t natural aren’t living in the jungle and hunting their own food.

The bottomline is: It doesn’t matter what my opinion on it is. It doesn’t matter what yours is. None of us should be able to repress a group’s rights on basis of personal opinion. Two adults, regardless of gender, should be allowed to spend their lives together and be afforded the same legal rights and recognition as the rest of us. Anything less is no different from state-imposed racism, sexism and other state-imposed isms that we’ve left behind in the past. If the general public finds the idea offensive, they must know that they have a right to be offended but what they don’t have is the right not to be. They also don’t have the right to force their outdated religious sensitivities down people’s throats.

Several decades ago, people of different races were not allowed to get married. It was considered a criminal act punishable by incarceration. Not only was racism popular among the public, it was also state imposed. It seems so backwards to us now that interracial marriage is widely accepted but it was considered taboo back then. At some point in the future, when rejection gives way to tolerance and tolerance gives way to acceptance, people will see same-sex marriage the same way we view interracial marriage now. When they do, wouldn’t you want to be on the other side of the fence?

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  1. The difference between same-sex marriage and interracial marriage is that one is at odds with the Christian standards of morality while the other is not. I don't foresee Christianity dying in the future, but I can foresee Christians being persecuted because of the new standards of morality men assign to themselves based on pragmatic principles. It all goes down to which standard you subscribe to. If you prefer the standard of the tides, then you don't need to jump the fence because there's no strong fence to begin with. What you see as a fence is really only a hedge of grass. You just trample over it the way the majority do, then on to the next rows of hedges. The truth is, there's no real moral standard for this majority. The standard is worldly passions and benefits, then they talk amongst themselves about a vague concept "morality" for the main purpose of preserving the credibility and reputation of the self, because when one is tainted with the word 'wrong' he loses ego points. But since the concept of right and wrong is based on what the majority do, and morality only a minor, fake subscription that people use as a makeup to cover the main agenda of worldly pursuits, eventually wrong will be right and right will be wrong. There's no real standard except for the principled few who have a less astigmatic foresight