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Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Nude Photography

It’s 2013 but there are those who still see nude photography as a hobby for the perverted; that it’s a sort of peep show for us photographers. First off, let me say that I and those who shoot with me are very respectful of our models. I’m sure that there are exceptions among photographers but we are more or less the norm. When I or any of my friends organize shoots, we make sure that nothing other than photography happens during the shoot. Also, about 20-30% of the photographers I shoot with are straight women who also exclusively shoot women. 

While those of us who started off as straight men are still very straight men, we’ve seen enough nudity that, like a doctor who does breast implants on a regular basis (or perhaps a gynecologist?), we can be around a nude model and act normally, professionally and very respectfully. We’re not eunuchs but we know that there’s a good place and time to be proper perverts and that’s usually with our partners where we won’t risk tarnishing the image of nude photography. In contrast, some of those who aren’t as exposed to the naked human body salivate or go into rape mode at the mere sight of an exposed cleavage, some at the sight of an exposed ankle. Perhaps, unlike what the ultraconservative are suggesting, more regular exposure to nudity would have an inverse effect on the number of rape cases? Just a hypothesis =) 

While I’m not exactly advocating nudism, we’ve gone a long way from the olden days when a fully exposed human body was considered dirty. The human form in its full glory can be appreciated in more ways than what we’re normally used to. I’m a fan of the female form. I know it almost sounds like a pick up line but I mean that in the most innocent and the least perverted way possible. Capturing the beauty of the female form can be like capturing the undulations of a vast mountain range or the intricate curves of a winding river in a photograph. The beauty of the human form doesn’t always have to be sexual. 

Art is subjective. One may see it on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel or one may see it in a heap of scrap metal. I don’t see anything wrong with seeing it in the human form, whatever gender that human form may be.


  1. The definition of what is "Beauty or Art" can be pretty murky. Many have tried to formalize but end up getting criticized by mostly everyone possible for their views.

    The closest thing is Art for an Artist is objective and concrete for us. Similar to why most artists have a certain style associated with their work or genre they stay inside. We don't have 4 dozen views of what our work is what it means or defines. Usually we have one or two with some sub meanings to them on minor points. Still with a central thought.

    Critics or any viewer for that matter has a completely subjective view that may change over time or instantly if the situation calls for it.

    But that's the purpose of an artist. To invoke reaction from it's viewers to tell something most can't understand or see ironically.

    Whether it's minimalistic musical scores, abstract paintings, Bach, B&W film shots, sci fi novels or anything with some creative brunt behind it....

    IIt can be anything from "an experience"..."senses"....."subconscious thought" etc...or a combination.

    I believe one of the most praised photography pieces was of a urinal or toilet if I'm correct?


    1. I've never seen that particular photography piece. I think i would like it though. I agree with you that beauty and art are subjective

  2. "To love beauty is to see light." - Victor Hugo

    The female form, when presented properly, is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

  3. Darn, that captcha check just to comment here is HARD! LOL

  4. Now, where are the links to teh uncensored pics? LOL JK